Wilberry Canopy Climbers

Amazing new Wilberry Canopy Climbers collection! Beautifully versatile creations with velcro on the hands and feet, enabling them to hang upside down, ‘hold’ onto things and cuddle! These charming soft toys look great when hung around some of our other ranges – especially our Full-Bodied Puppets and Wilberry Minis – for added imaginative play and instant displays.
Beautifully versatile Chimp with a really sweet face, soft fur and high attention to detai..
Beautiful Lemur with distinctive markings, the trademark large eyes and stripy tail to mak..
Adorable Orangutan with a gentle expression, soft fluffy fur and made with excellent to de..
The ever-popular Sloth takes play to new levels, with velcro on the hands and feet so it c..
Unusual and delightful Squirrel Monkey Canopy Climber with distinctive colourful markings ..
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